NEWS & change log

V1.9.5 (6475)

Update Cause of extreme data consumption fixed Update Transparency of the scancloud can now be set individually in the settings menu Bugfixes (wanderer mission,...

V1.9.4 (5686)

1.9.4 b5686: Mandatory adjustments due to extended Google guidelines (permission request for background location queries with Android 11) Changing the Resources Credits currency symbol from...

V1.9.3 (5591)

Factories: The factories' production can be accelerated by using special finds. Accelerations can be activated in the factory information window once accelerators are available in the...

  • V1.9.5 (6475)

    Tuesday, 16 November 2021 14:00
  • V1.9.4 (5686)

    Thursday, 15 October 2020 05:00
  • V1.9.3 (5591)

    Thursday, 17 September 2020 09:00

English localization of the app  

  • The default language is now English


  • Local chat was converted into a "continental chat" due to poor use. The two most spoken languages (English and German) are expected to be divided into the two chats.  

Ignore function (or "enemy" function):

    Annoying or unpleasant players can now be marked via the private message dialog. Messages from these players are hidden in the chat.
    Marked players are listed in the lower area of the contact list and can be released again at any time, whereby their chat messages are also shown retrospectively.

Black market:

  • In the product groups, the number of offers from friends (contact list) is now also displayed in light blue.
  • In the request list, players from the contact and ignorelist are also highlighted in color, so that it is easier to find friends and enemies in SM and can prefer / ignore them.
    (friends = light blue, enemies = red)
  • The last click on a product group   determines the preselected resource in the selection scroller for a new request.

Factory upgrade:

  • Display of the expected increase in performance after upgrade.

Log view:

  • The long-awaited filter function is here! :)
  • Clicking on a log entry opens the chat window if the log entry is related to another player.
    With an attack log entry, a normal click causes a switch to the map view with the center of the system concerned. A long click opens the chat window for the corresponding player.

Settings Notifications:

  • Notification sound can be deactivated again.
  • The standard notification sound can now be replaced by your own system sound.


  • Version numbers have been removed, since almost every update is a mandatory update and this information does not add any content for the player.
  • Contacts are colored blue, ignored users red.

Accidents / Diseases / Bonuses

  • Revision of the probability with which an event can occur.  
    The quality and condition of the systems now have a greater influence on the probability. The same applies in a positive way to the hospital levels. The overall likelihood of events occurring has been reduced.

attack & Defense

  • The loot in attacks is now dependent on the current performance penalty of the attacked FA generated by attacks.  
  • Level handycap somewhat defused.
  • standard defense: 2 new elite troops


Attacks bring resources to the attacker when they win, and, depending on that, cost him numerous, expensive troops. The loot is the main incentive for the looting. There is therefore absolutely no reason for most attacks to take them personally and therefore become insulting or abusive in the chat.

Verbal or even physical annoyance due to the usable game mechanics is not accepted. In the event of demonstrable violations of these simple basic rules of decency, the developer takes the right to block affected accounts without further correspondence, or to delete them entirely.  

(see also point 1.3 in the general terms of use &  ) < / p>