NEWS & change log

V1.8.4 (4535)

Balancing adjustment 02.12.19: Reduction of the luxury bonus: "Once a player rolls a 5 of a kind luxury item in the casino, every ower of the respective luxury item will receive a certain...

V1.8.3 (3842)

In some cases the game wont start anymore after the update because of invalid data in the app-cache. Please quit ResourcesGame and clear cache/app-data of ResourcesGame (Android settings - Apps -...

V1.8.2 (3800)

UPDATE 3800: Android Q Beta 3 compatibility Lord Of The Missions: Mission goal increased to 15 Mission "Ad-Deal" reward halved, cooldown reduced to 6 hours  Language updates Bugfixes  UPDATE...

  • V1.8.4 (4535)

    Monday, 02 December 2019 07:00
  • V1.8.3 (3842)

    Monday, 27 May 2019 00:00
  • V1.8.2 (3800)

    Friday, 10 May 2019 08:00

English localization of the app

New default language is English


  • Local chat was changed into a "continental chat" due to lack of use. That way the two most commonly spoken languages (English and German) should be separated by the two chats.
  • Ignore function (aka "enemy" function):
  • Annoying or unlikeable players can now be ignored in the private message dialogue. Messages from these players are not shown in the chat.
  • Ignored players can be seen in the contact list, and can be removed from the list at any time, allowing you to once again see even their backdated messages in the chat again.

Black market:

  • In the product groups you can now see the amount of requests from friends (contact list) in light blue.
  • In the request list, players from the contact and ignore lists are also color-coded, so that you can find your friends and enemies more easily, and prioritize or ignore their requests.
    (friends = light blue, enemies = red)
  • The last product group that was clicked on determines the resource that will be pre-selected in the new black market request drop-down menu.

Factory upgrade:

  • Now shows the expected performance increase from the next upgrade.

Log view:

  • The much-requested filter function is here! :)
  • Clicking on a log entry opens a chat window when the log entry is in relation to another player. With the attack logs, a normal click will change to the scanner, centering on the affected mine. A longer click opens a chat window with the respective player.

Notification settings:

  • Notification sound can now be disabled.
  • The standard notification sound can now be replaced with a system sound of your own.

Hall of Fame:

  • Version numbers were removed, since practically every update is mandatory, and this information did not present any added value for the majority of players.
  • Contacts are colored blue, and ignored users red.


  • Re-worked the chances that an event will occur. Quality and condition of the mines now have a greater influence on the probability. The same applies in a positive way to the hospital level. The overall chance for the occurrence of an event was reduced.

Attack & Defense

  • The loot from attacks is now dependent on the current performance reduction from attacks on the attacked mine. Level handicap toned down a little.
  • Standard defense: now 2 Elite forces


Attacks bring the victorious attacker resources, but also cost numerous expensive troops. The loot is the main incentive for the plundering. Hence for most attacks there is absolutely no reason to take it personally, or to write insults and slander in the chat as a result.

Verbal or even physical harassment due to the game mechanics is unacceptable. For proven violations of these simple ground rules for behavior, the developer reserves the right to ban or delete the offending account(s) without any further correspondence.

(see also Point 1.3 in the General Terms of Use )