NEWS & change log

V1.9.2 (5348 )

Update 5348: crashes fixed in turkish client minor bugfixes Missions Mission "Paranoid?": the units used for defense are counted according to their strength ratio:...

V1.9.1 (5126)

Update 5177 - Bugfixes - Language updates Server-sided adjustment Auctions: To prevent players from increasing their luxury points unlimitedly by simple bidding, the amount of points per bid...

V1.9.0 (4939)

Changes 14.04.2020 The mortgage on factories will now be renewed every 5 days on any and all of the debtor's factories until the debt has been paid back..   Patch 4939 Information display if...

  • V1.9.2 (5348 )

    Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:00
  • V1.9.1 (5126)

    Thursday, 07 May 2020 15:00
  • V1.9.0 (4939)

    Thursday, 05 March 2020 16:00

Many messages reached me in the last few days, that the loot from attacks on mines, especially with high HQ-level, is still much too high, which also impacts the market more and more. The fact that mass attacking for loot (especially with mutual agreement) is not possible for every player, particularly players in less populous areas and pure "solo players", means that they are at a significant disadvantage, since they must get their resources almost exclusively from their own mining and production, which takes considerable amounts of time. On the other hand, players with a "farming partner" were able to instantly earn much more than their daily income from mining, as well as greater amounts of valuable items from the secondary loot...
These observances and the resulting imbalance indicated that the Mafia was an overpowered source of income.

In order to tone down these developments and observe the results on the gameplay, the amount of primary and secondary loot was reduced by a factor of 10 today.