NEWS & change log

V1.8.3 (3842)

In some cases the game wont start anymore after the update because of invalid data in the app-cache. Please quit ResourcesGame and clear cache/app-data of ResourcesGame (Android settings - Apps -...

V1.8.2 (3800)

UPDATE 3800: Android Q Beta 3 compatibility Lord Of The Missions: Mission goal increased to 15 Mission "Ad-Deal" reward halved, cooldown reduced to 6 hours  Language updates Bugfixes  UPDATE...

V1.8.1 (3381)

A player's "stats" are now available in the private message chat window and next to the pulldown menu in the stats area Diverse compatibility adjustments due to the update to Android-SDK Target-API...

  • V1.8.3 (3842)

    Monday, 27 May 2019 00:00
  • V1.8.2 (3800)

    Friday, 10 May 2019 08:00
  • V1.8.1 (3381)

    Thursday, 20 December 2018 12:00

Changelog 1.4.7 -> 1.5


  • New players can now register and sign in with the G+ button directly.

IMPORTANT! Players who had already registered before this change can also use this button for login, as long as they had registered for the game with a Gmail e-mail address.

  • Logout option available in the menu.

New "Trade" Tab (Sale & Black Market):

  • These tabs have been removed and combined into one new "Trade" tab, where you can make requests for goods and sell them to either market via one and the same interface. This eliminates the need to switch between tabs when selling your goods.
  • The interface now shows the total potential profit from each of your goods, at both standard and black market price.
  • Current stock for each of your goods is shown, both under their names and via a small indicator under each respective icon.
  • Display of item groups was expanded with a request button and display of potential profit from normal and black market sale of each item group. Potential profit is always based on the value shown in the trade tab for each item.
  • Ability to access each warehouse directly by tapping on the respective item's icon.

New "Stats" Tab:

  • On this tab you can see your monetary balance sheet from the last few days, as well as a pie chart showing the distribution of income and expenses.
  • You can also get an overview of the statistics behind almost all of your actions taken so far. Some actions were not logged until recently, and in these cases the start date of measurement is shown.
  • Statistics comparison allows you to compare your stats with those of other players on your contact list.
  • Warehouse Tab:
  • The black market rate is now included on the graphs page for each item. It is based on the highest bid available during an hourly rate measurement.

Settings Menu:

  • New setting for numbering format enables you to see abbreviated variations of the numerical values displayed throughout the game (such as "K, M, G, T").
  • New setting: 3-level indicator for the condition of mines can be turned on/off for map markers. Default: OFF (activated indicators require more memory).
  • New option for name change requests.
  • A security question was added to the account deletion dialogue. This is a "psychological" change, since deletion requests above a certain player level require an additional e-mail verification anyway.

List Views:

  • Scroll position on lists is now saved and remains at the latest position even after changing tabs.


  • Cargo rain icon now includes the amount of available crates in the rain.
  • Marker clustering now works better, so that you can now properly and easily zoom out and view the worldwide spreading of Resources ;)
  • Crates that have been looted now remain for 10 more minutes before disappearing (server-side change was already implemented in 1.4.7).
  • Looting Giant Diamonds is now accompanied both acoustically and with a dialogue that informs the player of their rare find.
  • The resource selected to scan for is now saved and remains at the last selected resource throughout both tab changes and game restart.
  • Drones: Mine building and drone loot distance indicators are now shown, as soon as the map is moved (based on the crosshairs) outside of the normal loot distance and within drone distance.
  • Reloading the game no longer changes the position the map was centered on.


  • Previously completed missions will now remain semi-transparent in the list, and include the cooldown timer.
  • The requirements for some missions were significantly reduced.
  • Requirements for sale missions are now no longer dependent on warehouse size.

New Feature: Maintenance Services & Service center:

  • Players mines can now be serviced (maintenance) for free by other players, under the following conditions:
  • Only mines within the "boss in range" distance can be serviced.
  • Only mines with condition under 95% can be serviced.
  • Only mines whose status is not "recently attacked" can be serviced.
  • Reward is a portion of the production of the serviced mine. With a little luck you can also earn extra cargo for the cargo rain pool.
  • Service center (new special building) increases the reward for maintenance services.

New Event: Strikes & HR Department

  • The more your factories grow, the higher the chance that the factory workers will not be satisfied with their conditions, and as a result will stop working and demand bonus payments.
  • The HR Department (new special building) is responsible for the needs of your employees. Their satisfaction with working conditions will rise with each level, causing them to go on strike less often and demand lower bonus payments.
  • Strikes can be ended either by spending money (in the form of a bonus payment) or with "force" by spending elite forces. Using elite forces is less expensive and will also get everyone back to work, but will decrease worker satisfaction with every use. This results in a slight increase for the chance of strikes, mine accidents and plagues, and slight reduction for the chance of premiums. Bonus payments for strikes have the opposite effect.

High score list:

  • Country flags added to indicate a player's current country.
  • List now opens directly to the page on which you are listed.
  • Long click on the left arrow opens ranks 1-100
  • Long click on the right arrow opens the page on which you are listed.