NEWS & change log

V1.9.4 (5686)

1.9.4 b5686: Mandatory adjustments due to extended Google guidelines (permission request for background location queries with Android 11) Changing the Resources Credits currency symbol from...

V1.9.3 (5591)

Factories: The factories' production can be accelerated by using special finds. Accelerations can be activated in the factory information window once accelerators are available in the...

V1.9.2 (5348 )

Update 5348: crashes fixed in turkish client minor bugfixes Missions Mission "Paranoid?": the units used for defense are counted according to their strength ratio:...

  • V1.9.4 (5686)

    Thursday, 15 October 2020 05:00
  • V1.9.3 (5591)

    Thursday, 17 September 2020 09:00
  • V1.9.2 (5348 )

    Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:00

The version is rolled out staggered (= gradually distributed to all)

- New Map SDK
- Possibility to switch between 4 map types (OSM-Mapnik, OSM-Outdoors, OpenCycleMap and OSM-Humanity)
- State displays for systems with condition <96%: new in the form of small "progress bars" (instead of 3 different colored dots, as before), on and off in the settings.
- Possibility to perform head and third-party maintenance with long-click on FA markers.
- External and chief maintenance: condition threshold for repair for both the same (each from condition of < 96%)
- Double-clicking on Map no longer zooms, which is certainly very pleasant when looting crate rain.
- Display drone range circle
- during the rollover over stacked FA, a multiple selection appears
- Drone wrecks can now also be recovered with drone.
- 100m distance guide circles removed, but small distance display (Player<->Mapcenter) on map top left

- new HQ icons

- Possibility of entering via text input field for Techupgrade application on conveyor systems.

- Resources is now available in 7 languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, ID, RU, JP)
- Android N compatible