NEWS & change log

V1.8.3 (3842)

In some cases the game wont start anymore after the update because of invalid data in the app-cache. Please quit ResourcesGame and clear cache/app-data of ResourcesGame (Android settings - Apps -...

V1.8.2 (3800)

UPDATE 3800: Android Q Beta 3 compatibility Lord Of The Missions: Mission goal increased to 15 Mission "Ad-Deal" reward halved, cooldown reduced to 6 hours  Language updates Bugfixes  UPDATE...

V1.8.1 (3381)

A player's "stats" are now available in the private message chat window and next to the pulldown menu in the stats area Diverse compatibility adjustments due to the update to Android-SDK Target-API...

  • V1.8.3 (3842)

    Monday, 27 May 2019 00:00
  • V1.8.2 (3800)

    Friday, 10 May 2019 08:00
  • V1.8.1 (3381)

    Thursday, 20 December 2018 12:00
  • Offline maps: you can now download map areas ingame to use them as offline maps while playing. This gets advantages for especially those players who are on the way with severly limited mobile data in terms of connection speed and/or data limit. Offline maps also allow higher zoom steps what can be advantageous while placing mines.

    Important advices for map download:
    As from Android 4.2.2 app access to SD cards for downloads on non-rooted android devices was made pretty much impossible. Thus for many of you it will happen that the map files will be downloaded to the internal storage although you may have inserted a SD card with plenty of space. Moving the app to the SD card is probably possible but only relocates the app's APK - the app's saved data pointlessly remains on the internal storage. The very few possible workarounds for this deficiency either are unreasonable for the majority of the players (e.g. rooting) or impractical for the application in association with a map SDK.

    Anyone who wants to delve into the proverbial "tragedy" of the "android storage culture" can find numerous articles in the WWW about it.

    As from Android 6 you have the option to format your SD card as internal storage. The SD card's capacity is then available to the Android system as a quasi-internal storage. According to this it's a recommendable option. Whether it's worth it for the own specific case should be considered very carefully before. On that point, a review of the pros and cons:

  • Name changes: Due to the "namechange-flu" finding its way into the game for quite some time namechanges are now charged and cost more each namechange accepted by the support team.
    Cost paradigm:
    1st namechange = free
    2nd namechange = 10 giant diamonds
    3rd namechange = 20 giant diamonds
    The change counter starts at 0 for all players when this version is being released.
    Giant diamonds will get written off immediately after the change request. If the name gets declined by the support the giant diamonds will be certainly be refunded. No correspondence will be conducted on the part of the support team or the developer himself on the decisions of namechanges.

  • Resources API: With purchasing API-credits (now available in the InApp store) you gain access to the Resources API which makes you able to request several of your own actual player's data and to feed them into your Excel/Google sheets/Apps etc... Retrieval of this data takes place either as CSV or JSON optionally.
    If non-existing, an API account will be created with the purchase and the API key itself gets delivered by eMail. If an API account already exists the credits will be applied to the account.

    1 credit = 1 request.
    With 2,500 credits you can request all of your conveyors' data (Item, position, condition, mine production, boost, tech upgrade factor, etc.) for 2500 times in any desired period of time, for instance.

    - API-Credits left
    - Your factories
    - Your warehouses incl. credits
    - Your specialbuildings
    - Your HQ progress
    - Your mines
    - Your mines summarylist
    - Your trade-log*
    - Player info
    - Your monetrary items*
    - Your Attacklog
    *max. last 30 days

    - ID-List (items/factories/specialbuildings/mines)
    - Item production base data
    - Recycling base data
    - Factory upgrade data
    - Specialbuilding upgrade data
    - Market rates