NEWS & change log

V1.8.3 (3842)

In some cases the game wont start anymore after the update because of invalid data in the app-cache. Please quit ResourcesGame and clear cache/app-data of ResourcesGame (Android settings - Apps -...

V1.8.2 (3800)

UPDATE 3800: Android Q Beta 3 compatibility Lord Of The Missions: Mission goal increased to 15 Mission "Ad-Deal" reward halved, cooldown reduced to 6 hours  Language updates Bugfixes  UPDATE...

V1.8.1 (3381)

A player's "stats" are now available in the private message chat window and next to the pulldown menu in the stats area Diverse compatibility adjustments due to the update to Android-SDK Target-API...

  • V1.8.3 (3842)

    Monday, 27 May 2019 00:00
  • V1.8.2 (3800)

    Friday, 10 May 2019 08:00
  • V1.8.1 (3381)

    Thursday, 20 December 2018 12:00
  • New client language: Polish


  • Continental chat is a thing of the past. Now there are the channels "International", "PM only" as well as channels for every client language.
    Concerning the language channels it is important to note that the client isn't able to recognize the languages itself (technically this isn't reliably feasible for a chat).
    Example: If you write german text into the "english" channel, this text remains visible in that "english" channel only.
  • New option: Hide/show private messages in public channels
  • Chat display has been revised
  • Allowed message length increased to a maximum of 300 characters per message
  • Players can now also be contacted directly by private message via map by tapping a mine marker or via the trade in the sale window