NEWS & change log

V1.9.4 (5686)

1.9.4 b5686: Mandatory adjustments due to extended Google guidelines (permission request for background location queries with Android 11) Changing the Resources Credits currency symbol from...

V1.9.3 (5591)

Factories: The factories' production can be accelerated by using special finds. Accelerations can be activated in the factory information window once accelerators are available in the...

V1.9.2 (5348 )

Update 5348: crashes fixed in turkish client minor bugfixes Missions Mission "Paranoid?": the units used for defense are counted according to their strength ratio:...

  • V1.9.4 (5686)

    Thursday, 15 October 2020 05:00
  • V1.9.3 (5591)

    Thursday, 17 September 2020 09:00
  • V1.9.2 (5348 )

    Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:00
  • Android O compatibility
New client languages:
  • Italian
  • Chinese


  • New online map: „Pioneer“
  • New icon for maintenance mode: Being in maintenance mode all mines that cannot be (externally) repaired will be faded out semi-transparently. While the maintanence mode is active a single click on a mine within boss-range will repair it.
  • Range check to other mines will be performed right after the scan and not just after placing the building order
  • Long-clicking the „Send drone“-icon positions the scan centre to the approximate minimum distance to other mines provided that its marker cuts across the drone building circle (works up to a maximum of 2 overlaps). This simplifies the „mine-to-mine“ positioning when drone-building mines.


  • Tracker background service for „Wanderer“:
    Now the app doesn't have to be running for the „Wanderer“ mission. A background service* can be activated in the settings (deactivated by default).
    After that the service automatically activates itself after Resources has been closed once the „Wanderer“ mission is active and monitors the mission progress. If no „Wanderer“ mission is active the background service won't be activated. Without the activated option for the tracker service, for the „Wanderer“ mission the game has to be running in the foreground as usual so that the mission progress can be monitored and recorded.

    *IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've tried to arrange the background service as battery-sparing as possible. But since it is necessary to access Google geolocation and activity services for tracking the distances/mission progress an increased battery drain for this feature can be impossibly avoided. At active mode and while moving the background service consumes 2-5% battery per hour as a result.
  • Alert icon at the items as an indicator that a price alert has been set.
  • Alerts can now be removed by using the „Discard“ button.
  • Product information dialog: When activated the „favourites“ button next to the name will sort the item at the top of the list. The same favourites will be considered at the marktlist's sorting.

Global scores ranking:

  • Indicators for ranking changes in the global scores ranking


  • New sorting option „Profit per resource type“
  • The information about the foreign mines defence is now displayed a bit clearer. Indications of quantities coloured:
    White: Troops count is under or equal to default defence
    Yellow: Troops count is above default defence
    Red: Troops count is above ten times the default defence
  • After successful attacks the attacking penalty is increased to 10%
  • Daily regeneration of attacking penalty has been increased to 2%